I never thought I would wield a chalk and a duster. 🙂 Yes, I did it for a while and it was an interesting and unique experience. The chalk, held firmly in between your fingers akin to a pen, squeals with every twist, swirl and drag smearing the palm with tiny flakes of white dust all over! Apparently, it’s all over your hair, mane and face, going unnoticed in the act of teaching and engaging students. 🙂

Hold your thoughts; I haven’t changed my career! And I am not going to write extensively about teaching or training either. A span of 12 days in a makeshift classroom with the least of amenities available, the rugged attire of students, their unkempt hair, a pockmarked black board, the students dwelling under a namesake shelter! A host of shocking revelations initially left me baffled and threw a challenging task ahead but the bright side (that quelled all my hallowed fears) was the students themselves. Their passion and burning desire to learn was palpable on their faces, brimming with energy and optimism. This changed my perspective towards learning and my role as an interim trainer of soft skills. It was a surreal experience where I learnt how to balance and draw a line between needs and wants, the daunting challenges and adversaries we faced.  Read more