“ Each and every participant was involved in activities , all doubts were addressed and cleared. I will be able to follow the directions given and implement CCE”- Geetha Kartha, Bhavans Public School, Doha , Qatar, UAE.

“ The group work, the content of the presentation and the facilitator Mrs Shyammashree was very interactive”- Sangeetha- Jnanodaya School , Bangalore.

“ The session was very much effective and well communicated. Overall the training given was excellent. I would like to implement more group discussions and making the class student centered”-Ms Glory Benya, Delhi Public School, Damanjodi , Orrisa .

“ I like the group configuration and Instructional Aids discussed. I would like to implement the group roles and objectives of teaching Science at Primary level in my classroom”- Reeshma Valsaraj, Sharjah Indian School, Sharjah , UAE.

“ Concepts and Classroom Management were well explained. Teachers will be able to improve various skills through this session”- A Sridevi, Suprabath School, Hyderabad.

“ I liked the way the instructor delivered the presentation. It will undoubtedly help every teacher while taking he class. I learnt how to conduct formative assessments more effectively with the techniques suggested by the facilitator. Students time will not be wasted instead it can be used for improving creativity. Expecting such sessions in future too”- Murali C.V, St Thomas Residential School , Byndoor, Karnataka.

“ Very effective , Good Classroom Management tips. I would like to implement the group activities and Assessment techniques”- Nisha Saidu, Sharjah Indian School, Sharjah , UAE.

“From the sessions I could understand more about CCE, especially the importance of student centered approach and the different tools of assessment and how to make questions according to ability of students and how to improve learning of slow learners”.- Siji Maria , St Thomas Residential School, Byndoor, Karnataka

“ The session was helpful for our classroom teaching”-Swarnalatha .K.C, Sharjah Indian School, Sharjah , UAE.

“ Classroom real application strategies discussed was useful . I will implement  in my class and will encourage slow learners” – Mr Syam Raju, Lotus School , Talepaligudeum, Andhra Pradesh.

“ Very informative class. I could clear the doubts”- Shabiha, Sharjah Indian School, Sahrjah , UAE.

“ Really enlightened our minds with good ideas. Could enjoy two days session with full of pep ” – Roopesh , Bhavans Public School, Doha , Qatar, UAE.

“ I learnt how to handle noisy classroom , frame ground rules, use different techniques of Classroom management effectively”-Aparisima Samal, Delhi Public School, Damanjodi , Orrisa .

“Lot of information gathered in the session about Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation and innovative ideas to conduct varied activities in the class. I will be able to implement life skills activities in my class” –Anju Kuuatada , CMR international School , Hyderabad , Telangana State.

“ I liked the group configuration ,and framing of ground rules for effective classroom management. Noise management techniques and time management concepts taken up was effective” – Saritha V, Chinmaya Vidyalaya , Pallavur , Palakad , Kerala.

“The session was really interactive that each and ever participant was able to participate. I will be able to implement Classroom procedures and routines and non verbal communication for better classroom management”– V Sowmya, Chinmaya Vidayalaya, Tatmangalam, Palakkad , Kerala.

“ Highly interactive and learnt a number of practical tips. I would be able to implement Ground rules, classroom procedures , group roles, discipline plan for better classroom management”- Mangala Shankar , Principal , Chinmaya Vidayalaya Tattamangalam, Palakad , Kerala.

“ Presentation –lovable , approach of the facilitator. I would like to implement all the new methods I got form this class” – Sinimol Sebastain , Azeeziya English Medium School, Kasargode, Kerala.

“ Interactive , Informative , Interesting , Communicative session. I would like to try the activities mentioned in the session and try and solve the behavioral issues through the points discussed in the workshop”.- Anitha Potay, Pallavi Model School, Alwal , Hyderabad.

“ Very active and interesting session. Got a more clear idea about life skills. I will be able to implement more activities in my class to develop life skills to make students good human beings”- Saji Uthaman , Bhavans Public School, Doha , Qatar, UAE.

“I liked the two day session on CCE and Classroom management because it gave me ideas to become a successful and creative teacher. The session also gave an understanding on how to make CCE effective and conduct group activities effectively”-Jayashree- St Thomas Residential School, Byndoor, Karnataka.

“ We got the idea of making instructional objectives , Instructional aids & formative assessment techniques”- Binitha & Sruthi, Sharjah Indian School, Sharjah , UAE.

“ The session was very interesting with lots of creativeness and activities. I liked the student centric learning methods discussed. I would like to implement Instructional aids & Mind Maps- Indulekha Arul, Sharjah Indian School, Sharjah , UAE.

“I liked the group activities and presentations. I learnt how to deal with behavioral problems, encourage and reinforce positive behavior of the children in the classroom”- Pallabi Mohapatra, Delhi Public School, Damanjodi , Orrisa .

“ Some new ideas of making teaching easy and enjoyable. Training session was very influencing and inspiring. Formative assessments was clarified. Group activities in different ways, techniques were enhanced”- Rina Bhowmik, Delhi Public School, Damanjodi , Orrisa .

“I learnt techniques for better classromm discipline and  dealing with students  behavioral problems.  I would like to use negative re-inforcemnts to correct students behavior and setting ground rules for the class.” –  Sujata Pani,  Delhi Public School, Orissa.